BWA Buying Group

Bluewater Wood Alliance has commenced a Buy Group!


If you have not submitted your volumes yet, do not delay – call or email the Bluewater Wood Alliance to make sure your company’s voice is heard. If you are not a member of the BWA, you can still submit your data. Click here to get started.

The BWA has created a buying group. If you have not yet submitted your purchasing data, consider these important points:

  • We currently have almost $50 million in collective purchases: we need your data to increase this
  • Key suppliers will be identified per category, and rebates will be negotiated
  • Your supplier may not change
  • Your price does not change
  • Rebates on volumes are paid directly to you
  • All information provided is secure and confidential
  • By submitting your data you are not committing to anything at this time

The Buying Group will provide access to the purchasing power as a collective group of wood manufacturers not previously available. Your purchasing data is needed to measure the purchasing power of BWA in the product categories to negotiate rebates.

For more information and to submit your purchasing data to be counted. Click Here to Connect!

At this time, the BWA is requesting that if you are interested in being part of this group contact us asap. We are currently accepting data from manufacturers to determine product groupings, volumes, and possible suppliers.

Contact Us:

Ryan Tabone
Program Coordinator/Advisor
p: 1-226-808-7585

Tara Davey
Program Administrator
p: 1-519-270-7141

Categories include:

  • Tooling
  • Adhesives
  • Abrasives
  • Finishing materials
  • Hardware
  • Lumber
  • Sheet stock
  • Packaging

So how is all this going to work?

  • It will be business as usual
  • Members will continue their business relationship with their Suppliers and placing orders with them
  • Suppliers will continue to invoice members, and members will continue to pay suppliers directly
  • Distribution of rebates to members

BWA Buying Group – Q & A
As we begin to develop the buying group we are prepared to answer any questions you have. Below is our FAQ’s to date, if you need any aspect of the Buying Group to be clarified let us know.

Question: Will my data submitted for the Buying Group ever be sold to someone else. Can you confirm this will not ever happen?
Answer:  We can assure you that this will never happen. Le Groupe 4-CB has been managing Octo Purchasing Group for over 30 years, counting 67 members today and programs with over 400 suppliers. None of the confidential information from within the Octo Purchasing Group has ever been used for anything else.

Question: Will our rebate come from the supplier or if one exists, the distributor? Would we have to switch distributors if that is the case?
Answer: Rebates usually come from the manufacturer. Manufacturers representatives are paid by the manufacturer with a percentage of their sales (usually around 3-5% commission) and can’t afford to pay a rebate to members. You can also have a “buy-sell” representative or distributors that would be selling manufacturers products directly to your members.  In that case, they would issue a rebate program and pay the rebate to members.

Follow up Question: Thanks, what about in the case of Richelieu? They are a distributor for most things, how do rebates it work with them?
Richelieu is a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of hardware products. We have a rebate program as if they were manufacturing 100% of their products. Same with a company called BMI. They are importing all their products from Asia and are not a manufacturer. We still have a rebate program with them.

We can have a rebate program with a manufacturer if they are selling direct. If they are not selling direct and distributing their products through a network of distributors or Buy/Sale Agents, we would have a rebate program with them, but we can’t have both.