Welcome to the Bluewater Wood Alliance, a cluster of wood products manufacturing companies in southwestern Ontario who are working together for the benefit of our customers, our members and our industry.

We manufacture fine quality home, small office and institutional furniture, flooring, cabinets and millwork in Ontario for sale across Canada and around the world. Come into the site to learn more about our products and our companies.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario government for funding that helps the Bluewater Wood Alliance to work to improve the productivity, knowledge base and competitiveness of the industry served by the allliance.

 "The BWA, in the short time we have been a member, has been a great resource for our company.  The seminars about lean manufacturing are invaluable and have really caused me to reevaluate all our manufacturing processes.
 The network meetings offer insight, information and networking opportunities that are incredibly focused and relevant.
 And my favourite part is the plant tours - they are fantastic!"
Simon Lloyd, Springwater Woodcraft

 "Through the BWA, I have been trained in the basics of lean manufacturing and through discussions and visits with BWA staff and other members of the group, I have gained insights into many ways of improving my business. Before joining the BWA I had concerns that this group's activities would not be that relevant to my particular type of business - I was wrong.
 The BWA is very well managed and has an enthusiastic membership.  I look forward to my continued learning and participation in this group."

Bob Nadon, Upper Canada Stretchers

 "Participation in the SR&ED project helped our company to complete our claim without the use of consultants, resulting in savings worth many times the cost of our membership."

Andrew Schuster, Crate Designs

BWA Plant Tour Focus Group Brings Lead Time Reduction Ideas to Members

We all know that the shorter your lead times, the more appealing that is to potential customers. How many customers have you lost due to long lead times? How do you break out of your cycle of typical thinking on how your business process flows? Outside ideas! Thats how! Read on!

BWA Plant Tour Focus Groups Bring Value to Family Business Owners!

Seventeen BWA member companies travelled across the cluster region to learn from each other through the BWA Plant Tour Focus Group format. Cabinet makers today vary in size, and when you get to that threshold of business where you grow, important decisions need to be made. Read on to learn how the BWA events bring value to family owned wood product manufacturing operations!

BWA 2014 Year in Review!

Another year has passed for the BWA with much to reflect on and be proud of!

BWA Quarterly Networking Event Rescheduled due to Weather

Mother Nature is throwing us a curve ball but we are all set to go continue with this event March 26, 2015! Mark your calendars now!

BWA Plant Tour Focus Group Brings Members Together from Across Cluster Region!

BWA plant tour focus groups concentrate on continuous improvement, and allow members to share and learn from their challenges and successes while building important industry networks! 18 BWA manufacturing members from across the cluster region participated in the October 23, 2014 event hosted by Homestead Woodworks.

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